Sport Committee of the University launches their activities by two matches in football and volleyball

The sports committee of Al-Ahqaf University organized the annual football and volleyball league. The football league was opened on Saturday evening (April 20, 2013) with a match between the fourth-level computer team and the English language team and refereed by Ahmed Baqis. The first half ended with one goal for computer team by Mohammed Nasser bin Ali Jaber from the middle of the stadium exploiting the mistake of the goalkeeper Hassan Al Nahdi, this result remained to the end of the match so the computer team leading this group temporarily with three points. The league of volleyball opened on Sunday (21/4/2013) with the a mtch between the team of management and economy department level one and computer team level one, and this match impressed the audience as the game began with the whistle of the referee Mohamed Nasser bin Ali Jaber and the first part ended for the management and economy and in the second part the computer team managed to change the score and in the third part the management and the economy team came to lead again, while the fourth part was more enthusiastic and the management and economy team managed to win in this part to decide the final result for them.