The Kuwaiti Society's delegation visiting the university and inaugrating the opening of computer lab

On Wednesday, 8/5/2013, Dr. Sadiq Omar Maknoon, Vice-President of Al-Ahgaff University, received the Secretary of the Kuwaiti Association for the Assistance of Students, Sheikh Talal Abdulkarim Al-Arab and his accompanying delegation who visited the University and the opened of the Kuwaiti Technology and Knowledge Station. It is an integrated computer lab with 22 computers, a smart board, two cameras and a datashow projector. The project is funded by the Kuwaiti Society for Students' Aid and the implementation of the Muwasat Charity and Social Association in Al-Hami City at a cost of 27,625 US dollar. Mr. Talal Abdulkarim Al-Arab, the secretary of the Kuwaiti Students' Aid Society, expressed his great pleasure in opening this technological and knowledge station, which is one of three integrated computer stations provided by the Association in support of educational institutions and students in Hadramout Governorate, two of which are in Mukalla in Hadramout and Ahgaff Universities, and the third in the island of Socotra, which will be opened next Sunday. He pointed out that these technical facilities are the support of the Kuwaiti people for their students in Hadramout and expressed his hope to make the best use of these opportunities to develop the abilities of young people and students in the field of information technology. Sheikh Talal said that the Kuwaiti Association for Students' Aid, which in this year is about 50 years since establishement, strives to support projects that are concerned with human development. For his part, Vice President Dr. Sadeq Omar Maknoon expressed his thanks and appreciation to the brothers in Kuwait, especially the Kuwaiti Society to help students and support the educational institutions and students of science, reviewing the various activities of the University pointing out that the University of Al-Ahgaff, which is a charitable educational institution not aiming to gain commercial profit, has contributed since its establishment in 1995 to graduate many students and has been able to take a prominent place in scientific and community aspects. Dr. Sadiq Makoon pointed out that the university in its various faculties, whether Sharia, engineering, computer science, commercial sciences, offers high quality studies to students from many countries in the world, including Somalia, Malaysia and Indonesia. He explained that all faculties of the university are located in the city of Mukalla, except for the Faculty of Sharia, which is based in the city of Trim due to the special scientific and religious status of this  city. The opening ceremony was attended by the Secretary-General of the Islamic Charitable Society Hamid Al-Saqqaf, the President of the Social Welfare Association of Mu'assat, in Al-Hami Omar Abdullah Bakraf and the officials of Al-Ahgaff University and constellation of some charitable and social institutions. The Secretary of the Kuwaiti Association for  students' aid also visited a number of facilities of the University of Ahgaff, including the Library of General Books and the consultative center for engineering designs and housing unit of girls in the university.