The University of Al-Ahgaff grants a PhD degree to the researchers Al-Saqqaf and Al-Shamlani in the fundamentals of Fiqh

The Deanship of Graduate Studies at Al-Ahqaf University approved on Tuesday 21/5/2013 to grant the researcher Abdulrahman Abdullah Abdulqader Al-Saqqaf a PhD degree for his thesis titled (The Great Jurisprudence Rules and its Impact on Jurisprudence at Shafi'i) in the Islamic Shari'a Jurisprudence specialization after the discussion session chaired by the professors: Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Sar Al-Khatim Ahmed as chairman and internal examiner, Associate Professor Ali Mohammed Maqbool Al-Ahdal as a member and external examiner and Associate Professor Ezzeddine Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim as supervisor. The researcher was born in 7/3/1976 in  Sayoun, Governorate of Hadramout and he works as lecturer in the Faculty of Sharia and Law in Tarim and he is currently the head of the Department of jurisprudence, he is also a Friday speaker in Alrahma mosque, and a participator in a program to respond to fatwas from listeners through Sayun Radio.
The Deanship of Graduate Studies at the University has also granted the researcher Ahmed Said Adam Shalamani a Canadian national of Libyan origin a PhD degree in the fundamentals of jurisprudence on Monday morning 20/5/2013 for his thesis entitled (the Assets of Imam Malik and its Impact on the Development of the Science of Assets) after a discussion session that consisted of Prof. Abdulwahab Sar Al-Khatim Ahmed as chairman and supervisor and Associate Professor Ali Mohammed Al-Ahdal Member as external examiner and Mr. Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hafiz Ould Al-Salek as a member and Internal examiner. The researcher was born in the city of Marj in Libya in 1964, completed the secondary school and then sent on a mission to Canada to study metals check and obtained a high diploma from the Institute of (Mohak) and then enrolled in the Faculty of Sharia and Law in Tarim and graduated and received a Master's degree from the University of Al-Ahgaff and served as a lecturer.