The university administration welcomes first-level students in the Faculty of Administration and Economics


The Dean of the Faculty of Administration and Economics at Al-Ahgaff University, Dr. Ahmad Saleh Khard, with the administrative director of the university, Mr. Fayez bin Shamla, met with the first level students in the departments of accounting and administration to inform them about the study system and the rules of the university system.

At the beginning of the meeting, both the Dean and the Administrative Director welcomed all the students in the Faculty in the new academic year and expressed their happiness in their study at Al-Ahgaff University.

The administrative director reviewed the internal housing regulations and the conditions required for the student to join it and explain to the students the controls and duties that each student must adhere to, and the rights guaranteed by the faculty in return.

Mr. Abdulkader Saeed Basqer, Director of the Registration Department at the Faculty of Administration and Economics, reviewed the university system, the system of examinations and absence, and explained to the students the mechanisms by which grades and absences are calculated and how the student follows up on his cumulative grade at all levels of his studies.

At the end of the meeting, the Dean, the Administrative Director and the Director of Registration listened to the students 'observations and questions about the study and housing system at the faculty and answered the students' questions.