Symposium on modern web programming methods at Al-Ahgaff University

Hadramout / Mukalla – Saturday, February 23, 2019

Report: Osama Makarem


The Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at Al-Ahgaff University held a scientific symposium on modern web programming methods presented by a number of graduate students of the faculty in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty Dr. Hussein Abdul Qadir Al-Aidroos and a number of teachers and students.


At the beginning of the symposium, the head of the computer department at the faculty Dr. Hassan Abdulmutallab Mqeibel welcomed the attendees, pointing out that the use of technology and the Internet in the details of daily life is what gave the programming languages ​​and programming in general this importance, and that the mastery of the student in this field and the development of his skills in it will open many doors for him and enable him to work with a lot of sides.

The symposium tackled several topics related to web technologies, SDLC, server programming and web page programming presented by:

Eng. Omar Mohammed Al Mashjari - System Analyst at Smart Vision.

Eng. Mohammed Omar Al-Jufri - Software Developer at Click Apps.

Eng. Zain Al-Abedin Bahuraish - Software Developer at Yemen Electronic Trade Co. Ltd.


Dr Hassen A. Mogiebl


MWD Ahgaff