A lecture entitled Isra and Mi'raj at the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Sciences

Mukalla / March 16, 2021 / University Media


The Faculty of Computer Engineering and Sciences, in cooperation with the University’s Activities Department, held a cultural lecture today, Tuesday, Shaban 3, corresponding to March 16, entitled “Isra and Mi'raj” by Dr. Sadiq Omar Maknoun, Vice Chancellor of the University.


The lecture targeted students of the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Sciences from the third and fourth levels.

Dr. Sadiq talked about the incident of Isra and Mi'raj from the historical and modern concept and its relationship to the unseen faith and the truthfulness of the message of the Messenger Muhammad (PBUH).

He talked about the importance of the occasion, celebrating it and introducing its importance to young people.

In conclusion, Dr. Sadiq called for pride and honor in this great occasion, which represents one of the most important incidents in Islamic history.


The lecture was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Dr. Hassan Abdulmutallab Moqebel, the Director of the University’s Department of Activities, Mr. Muhammad Salem Al-Bouri, and a number of university teachers.