The end of practicum of the 19th batch students

The practicum program for the fourth level students specialized in Islamic Studies, which was held at the Fowah Educational Complex for girls from 10/2/2019 until 21/3/2019, continued for forty days. The number of female students was 14 female Indonesian students, who were distributed at the eighth level of primary and the first and second secondary.

The general supervisor of the practicum Dr. Hussein Sheikh bin Al-Sheikh Abubakr stated that students showed excellent level during the period of practicum and the extent of their ability in teaching skills and modern teaching methods and the use of teaching aids was good, where the students did a lot of in/outclass activities, and participated in the preparation of wall magazines in the squares of the school and also conducted lectures and religious seminars at the school.

Teacher/ Shefa Abdul Rahman Ba'Omer, the Director of the Educational Complex, praised the active role played by the students during their practicum and the good relations they had with the school, the teachers and the students, which left a great void after the program ended.

The Director thanked the University and the teaching staff for instilling Islamic values ​​among their students, which reflected positively in this program.


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