The Faculty of Girls holds an awareness health seminar through the Zoom program

Mukalla / March 30, 2021 / University Media

On Tuesday, March 30, 2021 AD, in cooperation with the health sector in Himmat Ahqafiyat Al-Mukalla and the girls' section of the Indonesian Student Union in Mukalla, a health awareness seminar on breast abnormalities was held.

This seminar was held at the Kuwaiti station at the university chancellery via the Internet using the Zoom application, which opens at 11:30 pm to coincide at 03:30 West Indonesia time.

"Breast abnormalities" was the title of the seminar with the expert Dr. Rizvi Fardha Hazima, a resident surgeon in the Department of Medicine, University of Lampung Mankorat Banjarmasin (FK ULM Banjarmasin), a graduate of the Department of Medicine of the University of Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya in 2016 with distinction.

The committee deliberately called a doctor from Indonesia, realizing the importance of female students ’knowledge of health problems that occur and which often go unnoticed or not realized. It is hoped that speakers who come from Indonesia will be able to provide a broad and direct understanding of a language that the participants understand. So that they can learn the topics raised and know medical terms that many students do not understand when used in Arabic.

Dr. Badriya Al-Nour, who is also a resident surgeon at the same university, attended this symposium.

 The symposium was attended by more than one hundred students from the University of Ahgaff from Indonesia and Malaysia.

After the opening greeting of the coordinator and with some greetings from the speakers, the symposium began with the presentation of health information, starting with a discussion of abnormalities that may occur in a woman's breast, and how to detect these abnormalities, to an explanation of what we should do if there are signs of abnormalities in the woman's breast that may lead to the risk of cancer disease. The symposium was concluded with questions from the students related to the topic at hand and some questions about health in general.

This seminar made the students realize how important it is to take care of themselves and maintain a healthy life. The seminar concluded at approximately 01:50.


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