Seminar entitled "Intelligent Agents principles and applications in e-commerce" at Al-Ahgaff University

Hadramout / Mukalla

Monday 11 March 2019

Report: Osama Makarem

Photography: Ibrahim Basaif


The Faculty of Graduate Studies at Al-Ahgaff University held a seminar entitled "Intelligent Agents principles and applications in e-commerce" presented by Dr. Mohammed Abdul Qader Al-Aidarous within the activities of post graduate programs, specializing in advanced information systems at the university .


The event started with a welcome speech delivered by the Head of the Master Program of the Department of Advanced Information Technology, Dr. Hassan Abdulmutallab Moqeibel, in which he welcomed the attendees and thanked Dr. Al-Aidarous for accepting the invitation and presenting the event.


During the seminar, Dr. Al-Aidarous discussed the principles of intelligent applications and e-commerce. He also gave a brief explanation of the master's thesis and doctoral thesis, and the practical application mechanism of them. The activities included interventions and inquiries by a number of students and researchers.


The seminar was attended by Dr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Aidarous and Dr. Ahmed Sheikh Al-Aidarous.


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