The Faculty of Sharia and Law at Al-Ahgaff University celebrates the graduation of 127 students from Department of Sharia and Department of Sharia and Law

Tarim / Hadramout / 20 June 2019

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In a majestic gathering and large attendance, the Faculty of Sharia and Law at Al-Ahgaff University held a farewell ceremony on Thursday, 17 Shawwal 1440, 20/06/2019 for the graduation of the twentieth batch of its 127 students belonging to six nationalities: Yemeni, Indonesian, Malaysian, Somali, Thai and Pakistani from Department of Sharia and Department of Sharia and Law.

In the ceremony, which was attended by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Sadeq Omar Maknoon Al-Saqqaf, Sheikh Mohammed Ali Al-Khatib, Professor of Fiqh Al-Shafei in the Faculty, Dr. Salem Abubakr Al-Hadar, Vice Dean of Imam Shafi'i Faculty and heads of departments in the Faculty of Sharia and Law, and its staff and students and a large number of citizens and parents.

Student Mohammed Shawki bin Hashim opened the ceremony with a wonderful recitation of the verses of Allah, followed by student Mohamed Hassan Abdal reading two Hadiths with 'sanad' connected to the Prophet (PBUH).

الدكتور صادق مكنون

After that, the student Abdullah Salem Bamuas gave the speech of the graduates where he, on behalf of graduates, thanked all those who contributed to the preparation of this group of distinguished students starting from Prof. Abdullah Mohammed Baharoun, Chancellor of the University, the Dean of the Faculty and all teachers and staff thanking them for creating the appropriate conditions for this distinguished educational institute.

The student reviewed with his fellow graduates the memories they had experienced since they first studied in the first year and the circumstances that followed them over five years and its beautiful memories.

The graduate student offered his fellow graduates the advice to be ambitious and determined to benefit the nation and the people, and to take into account the contribution to address the concerns of the nation and its problems, and urged them to promote the idea of ​​moderation, which they have learned from this university.

The student also advises all students to improve the treatment of their teachers and their sheikhs and to take advantage of the opportunities available to them to seek knowledge and gain more of it.

Then the graduate student Ahmed Eidarous Al-Jufri recited a poem that was approved by everyone.

The Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Abdullah Awad Bin Sumait, then delivered a speech in which he thanked the University, its Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor for all the appropriate atmosphere provided for the students.

بن سميط (1)

The Dean of the Faculty praised the patience and endurance shown by the students during receiving the types of sharia knowledge in the faculty, indicating that they are in the city of Tarim; the land of knowledge and scholars, which is an appropriate environment for gaining knowledge and the Faculty is one of its outcomes.

The Dean of the Faculty said that the student of sharia science is sought by people of different denominations and conditions, so it is necessary to be eligible to carry the sharia science with piety and sincerity and not to sell his conscience.

The Dean informed the audience the good news that the Faculty has approved the opening of the Department of Hadith and its sciences to be a new department in it and a continuation of its sciences and knowledge that the students receive in the faculty, thanking the Chancellor of the University and his Deputy and all those in charge.

The Dean also thanked some official bodies and associations such as the Islamic Society and Ra'fah Foundation and some good men in Indonesia and Pakistan, and the head of district of Aidid Sheikh Saleh Mabkhot Al-Ameri to stand with the University in different conditions.

The Dean also thanked the students who contribute to support the Faculty and seek to raise it and provide it through the establishment of projects that return the proceeds to the Faculty.



After that, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Sadeq Omar Maknoon delivered a speech in which he conveyed the congratulations of the University Chancellor to the students and that he wished to attend but could not because of illness, he is present with his heart, although he is absent in his body.

Dr. Maknoon expressed his happiness with the participation of the students on the occasion of graduation, and assured them that it was not over and that they moved from the stage of theory to practice and that a man of knowledge should be keen to increase knowledge even in his work.

Dr. Maknoon recommended all students to be apostles of peace, love and word-gathering among Muslims, a distinction that graduates of the university have always been distinguished with.

After that, the audience listened to a recorded speech by the University Chancellor, Professor Abdullah Mohammed Baharoon, congratulating the students on their graduation and noting that they moved from the stage of study to application.The Chancellor of the University recommended the graduate students to preserve their scientific tradition which they received in the faculty by taking care of sincerity to benefit the nation and to be custodians of religion and narrators of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him.

The Chancellor also thanked the teachers and sheikhs for their patience and thanked the registration office and all departments of the faculty for their intensive efforts in making the educational process a success.

The University Chancellor also thanked the parents of the students who put their trust in the faculty and chose to be a place for their education and recommended them to help their children by maintaining their integrity and their observance of religion.


After that, a group of graduate students presented an acting scene that reflects the value and stability of Ahgaff University even in the most difficult circumstances, as well as the intensity of the study and its strength for the benefit of the student and his future.

منظر خريجي جامعة الأحقاف

The students then presented a commemorative gift to the teachers, which was received on their behalf by the Dean of the Faculty.

And then the ceremony of honoring distinctive students from each department started followed by honoring the Dean of the Faculty and heads of departments and staff.

The ceremony concluded by honoring all the students, dressing them and handing over graduation shields by the Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty. The ceremony ended up with prayers and 'Fatihah'.




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