Conclusion of the training workshop held at the Faculty of Sharia and Law on developing undergraduate programs

Department of Activities and Information / Follow-up

Monday 17/8/2020

On Monday 17th of August 2020, at the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Al-Ahgaff University, the first training workshop, which was held starting from Saturday, concluded under the title (Towards the Development and Quality of Undergraduate Programs).

The first training course dealt with the undergraduate’s curricula in the faculty and the means to develop them, as well as elevating the faculty’s mission, vision and goals, and formulating all of these in a way that serves the educational process that the faculty addressed and drew to advance the undergraduate’s curricula in it.

Over the course of three days, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Saqqaf, the workshop trainer, delivered the basic concepts of seeking to develop the undergraduate’s curricula and study the vision and goals, where discussion sessions were held among the audience and had continuous dialogue for that purpose.

The topics of the last day included instructions for formulating learning outcomes, methods of formulating learning outcomes for Sharia, Sharia & law, and Sunnah sciences programs, as well as reviewing program descriptions and settling the outputs according to approved templates to improve the quality and development of programs.

At the end of the workshop, the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Abdullah Awad bin Sumait, gave a speech in which he thanked the trainer, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Al-Saqqaf, and all the participants.

The Dean of the Faculty also noted the importance and necessity of holding periodic workshops that promote curricula, cadres, and the faculty in general.

The workshop participants expressed their satisfaction with what was given at them, wishing the faculty further progress and development in all fields.


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