Doctorate degree awarded to researcher Ahmed Salem Ahmed bin Aqeel from Al-Ahgaff University in criminal law

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Tuesday 18/8/2020

Researcher Ahmed Salem Ahmed Mashhour Bin Aqeel, teacher of criminal law at the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Al-Ahgaff University, is awarded today Tuesday 18/8/2020 the International Certificate (PhD) in the field of criminal law for his thesis titled (The Victim's Satisfaction and its Impact on Criminal Responsibility, a Comparative Applied Study between Sharia and Law).

The discussion and judgment committee consisted of:

1- Prof. Dr. Khalid Abdul-Baqi Muhammad Al-Khatib, Professor and Head of the Criminal Law Department, Faculty of Sharia and Law, Sana'a University (Chairman and Discussant).

2- Dr. Abdullah Ali Abdullah Al-Mahdi, Associate Professor of Criminal Law, Faculty of Sharia and Legal Sciences, University of Yemen. (Discussant).

3- Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Yahya Al-Qaedi, Associate Professor of Criminal Law at the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Police Academy (Supervisor)

The researcher Ahmed bin Aqeel had obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Al-Ahgaff University, with a grade of distinction, and a master’s degree from the same university with distinction as well.

The discussion session was attended by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Sharafi, Professor of Procedural Law at Sana’a University, and a group of researchers and teachers.


أحمد سالم بن عقيل