Doctorate degree for the researcher Mahmoud Saleh bin Hamid in public finance law

Media Section / Follow Up

Thursday 12/24/2020


Researcher Mahmoud Saleh Mubarak bin Hamid, teacher of Public Finance at the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Al-Ahgaff University, received this day, Thursday, 12/24/2020, the international certificate (doctorate), with the recommendation to print the thesis in the field of public finance for his thesis titled (* the public budget deficit in Yemen *)


 The discussion and judgment committee consisted of:


1. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdo Saeed Moghram, Associate Professor of Public Law, Faculty of Sharia and Law, Sana'a University (Chairman and Supervisor).


 2. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Abdo Suleiman, Associate Professor of Public Law at the University of Sana'a. (Member)


3. Qaed bin Qaid Musaed, professor of public law, Taiz University (member).


The researcher Mahmoud Saleh Mubarak bin Hamid obtained his bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Al-Ahgaff University, with a very good grade, and a master’s degree from the same university, with a very good grade.