The opening of the second training workshop for undergraduate programs at the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Al-Ahgaff University

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Tuesday 12/1/2021


Under the generous patronage of the Chancellor of Al-Ahgaff University, Professor Abdullah Muhammad Baharoun, today Tuesday 12/1/2021 at the Faculty of Sharia and Law at Al-Ahgaff University opened the second training workshop for undergraduate programs under the slogan:

"Course description, a step towards achieving quality assurance of academic programs"

from the period 28-29 Jumada 1st  1442 corresponding to (12-13 January 2021) conducted by the trainer Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Saqqaf


The Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Abdullah Awad bin Sumait, opened the workshop, welcoming Professor Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Al-Saqqaf and all the attendants, indicating that this workshop comes in line with the goal of the university and the faculty to develop undergraduate programs and curricula.

This workshop aims to achieve the following main points:


 1- Getting to know the course description document and its importance in the quality of programs.


2- Formulating course learning outcomes and linking them to program learning outcomes.


3- Linking course learning outcomes with teaching strategies and evaluation methods.


4- A course description in an academic program according to the field of specialization.


5- Knowing the components of the course's study plan document.


During the workshop, committees were formed in the programs of the various majors in the faculty, in which discussion, exchange of views and enrichment of opinions on course descriptions took place.


The workshop will last for two days, from 12-13 / 1/2021, with the presence of all faculty members.


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