The Health and Population Office holds an awareness lecture at the Faculty of Sharia and Law about the acquired immune deficiency disease as part of the AIDS awareness campaign in the various colleges and institutes

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On Monday, February 15, 2021, in the Great Hall of the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Al-Ahgaff University, an awareness lecture was organized by the Ministry of Health represented by the National Program to Combat AIDS in the Health and Population Office in the Valley and the Sahara. The session began with a welcoming speech from the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Abdullah Awadh bin Sumait, in which he welcomed those in charge of the national program to combat AIDS, thanking them for their efforts to raise awareness of this disease and other diseases.

After that, Dr. Salem bin Omar Al-Kaf, coordinator of the national program to combat AIDS at the Health and Population Office in the Valley and Sahara, spoke about this disease and its medical history, explaining the reasons for its transmission and spread, and the basic means and methods for preventing this malicious disease. Mr. Saleh Abdullah Al-Hadi, head of the counseling and voluntary examination department in the national program at the Health and Population Office, spoke about the need to pay attention to this disease and the voluntary examination about it, stating that the center is characterized by confidentiality and voluntariness. He also indicated that the people's perception of the AIDS patient must change through which the patient is viewed with stigma, stressing that good people dealing with the patient is a major reason for their involvement in society and their treatment psychologically. Discussions took place between the organizers of the seminar and the students, in which Dr. Al-Kaf and Mr. Al-Hadi answered their questions.

At the conclusion of the session, Dr. Salem Omar Al-Kaf thanked the Dean of the Faculty for the warm reception and facilitation of the symposium, wishing more future cooperation in the health fields.

ندوة مكتب الصحة جامعة الأحقاف جانب من حضور الطلاب


ندوة مكتب الصحة جامعة الأحقاف الأساتذة المعيدين