Distinguished presence of Al-Ahgaff University in the meetings of the Association of Arab Universities



The Hadrami Academic Delegation made of members from "Hadramout, Al-Ahgaff and Al-Rayyan Universities" showed distinguished presence in the work of the 52nd session of the General Conference of the Association of Arab Universities held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt on Thursday, 21-3-2019. The Chancellor of Hadramout University prof. Dr. Mohammad Saeed Khanbash is selected as the Vice-Chairman of the current session, and the Chancellor of Helwan University "Host University" Professor Dr. Majid Najem is selected as Chairman of the session.


At the meeting, Amr Ezzat Salama, Secretary-General of the Association of Arab Universities, reviewed the most important achievements of the Association during the inter-sessional period, as well as the features of the work plan during the coming year.

During this session, a number of Arab universities were admitted to the membership of the Association.


1. University of Damietta - Egypt


2. University of Gilani - Algeria


3. Prince Mohammed bin Fahad University - Saudi Arabia


4. University of Arish - Egypt


5.  Al Qasimia University - United Arab Emirates


6 . Shorouq Academy - Egypt


7. University of Sousse - Tunisia


At the same time, it was recommended to accept other universities as participating members for meeting the requirements of the statute of the Association of Arab Universities, they are:


1. Al-Razi University - Yemen


2. Yemeni Jordanian University - Yemen


3. Horus University - Egypt


It was also recommended to accept Badr University in Cairo as an associate member for graduating two batches from faculty of administration and economic sciences and faculty of nursing.


From Hadramout, this session was attended by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saeed Khanbash, Chancellor of Hadramout University, Prof. Dr. Sadeq Omar Maknoun, Vice Chancellor of Al-Ahgaff University, Prof. Dr. Salim Bafqeer, Chancellor of Al-Rayyan University, and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Balraqan, Chancellor of Al-Andalus University, as members of the Association Membership Committee.


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