Dinner in honor of the Indonesian Ambassador

On Wednesday 18/9/2019, a dinner was held in honor of the Indonesian Ambassador Mustafa Abdullatif, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Sultanate of Oman and Yemen.

The delegation received Prof. Abdullah Mohammed Baharoon, Chancellor of the University, in addition to the Vice Chancellor, Deans of Colleges and a number of guests.

The visit came as part of a regular visit to Yemen, especially to the province of Hadramawt, where the region is enjoying security and stability, he said - and where the students from the Indonesian community live and study.

During the visit, the Ambassador stressed the role played by Al-Ahgaff University in sponsoring its Indonesian students, which he also observed in Tarim. His Excellency praised the hospitality and warm reception.

For his part, the Chancellor of the University expressed his happiness for this visit, thanking the Ambassador for paying attention to their students and taking care of their interests, stressing the depth of relations between Indonesia and Yemen, especially Hadhramaut.


البرفيسور عبدالله باهارون مع السفير الاندونيسي


مأدبة عشاء ع شرف السفير الاندونيسي