Al-Ahgaff University sponsors and participates in the scientific symposium held on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the Scholar Abdullah bin Mahfouz Al-Haddad

Al-Mukalla / February 16, 2020 / University Information


On the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the scholar Abdullah bin Mahfouz Al-Haddad, the Foundation of the scholar Abdullah bin Mahfouz Al-Haddad for Charitable Works, Dawah and Guidance under the patronage of the Governor of Hadramaut Governorate, commander of the second military region, which was held in the hall of the literary figure Ali Ahmed Bakathir headed by the University of Hadramout.

The ceremony started with verses from the Holy Quran, then the Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Fouad bin Al-Sheikh Abu Baker, delivered a welcome speech to the guests. Then the speech of the ceremony sponsor Faraj Salmin Al-Bahsani was delivered.

Then Professor Mohamed Said Khenbash delivered the speech of University of Hadhramaut, in which he referred to the influence of the scholar Abdullah Mahfouz Al-Haddad on establishing Hadhramaut University.

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Sadiq Omar Maknoun, delivered a speech on this occasion, in which he spoke about the important role of the late scholar in the establishment of the University of Ahgaff and his efforts in spreading knowledge and free education to the poor and needy families.

Then a short documentary film about the life of the Scholar Alhaddad and his role in society was shown.

A group of prominent social figures who had a relationship with the late Scholar participated in the Symposium and discussed research papers dealing with four issues, namely:

The role of the Scholar in establishing the College of Education in Mukalla and the establishment of the University of Hadhramaut was discussed by Professor Dr. Abdullah Saleh Babier. He talked about his participation in the establishment of the College of Education of the University of Aden, and then the establishment of the Department of Islamic Studies at the University of Hadhramaut.

The second issue dealt with the social and humanitarian activities of the Scholar and his relationship with society. Professor Abdullah Muhammad Baharon, Chancellor of the University, discussed in his paper the political positions of the Scholar, and his role asa  judge and his firm stances emanating from his religious education in the Alawi School and his human actions in the society and his advocacy of the nation’s issues.

As for the third issue that dealt with the scientific life of the Scholar was discussed by Sheikh Yasir Baabad, Dean of the Community College in Al-Shahr and talked about his scientific upbringing, some of his elder sheikhs, and some of his famous stances when he was a judge and his reputation for honesty, including his stance before the Sultan and others.

The fourth and last issue talked about unforgettable memories with the Scholar Al-Haddad discussed by the scholar Omar bin Hamed Al-Jilani Mufti Al-Shafia in Mecca and spoke about his relationship with Habib Abdullah Mahfouz Al-Haddad and his connection to the sheikhs of the Grand Mosque of Mecca and his scientific and religious genius.

The symposium was moderated by Dr. Hassan Sheikh Al-Kaf, and it was attended by the university deans of faculties, teachers and students of the university.


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