Under the slogan "Today's Graduates, Tomorrow's Leaders” Al-Ahgaff University celebrates the graduation of 98 graduates from various university specialties

Mukalla / October 18, 2020 / University Media

On Sunday morning, October 18, 2020, Al-Ahgaff University at Al-Tahani Hall celebrated the graduation of 98 students from the College of Administration and Economics, majoring in accounting, batch 22, and business administration, batch 13, and the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, specializing in information systems, batch 8, and the Girls’ College specializing in Islamic studies, batch 20, under the slogan “Today’s graduates, tomorrow's leaders”.

الخريج محمد محفوظ باصلعة

The ceremony began with verses from the Holy Quran, recited by the student Muhammad Mahfouz Basala’a.

The 20 female graduates of the major of Islamic Studies at Girls' College came to the theater, amid welcome and greetings from the parents and families who came to share their joy with their sons and daughters.

خريجات دفعة 2020

Then this was followed by the rise of graduates from accounting, business administration and computer majors to the theater to take memorial photos and participate in a show presented by graduates Asaad Khaled Bajubeir and Mazen Salah Banbua, following this was the graduates' speech delivered by the graduate Muhammad Saleh Al-Shein in which he spoke about the fruit of the study and the scientific achievement they received in Al-Ahgaff University, without which they would not have reached their current position, he expressed special thanks and appreciation to the university administration and members of the faculty and all those who contributed to supporting their scientific career and thanked the families for their support offered to their children to find the fruit of what they have done before them in this joyful ceremony. After Al-Shein concluded his speech, the students returned to their seats in preparation for the start of the ceremony.

لوحة أحقافي وأفتخر

Then a section of Indonesian heritage was performed by students of the Faculty of Sharia and Law from the Indonesian community studying at the university, which won the attendance's approval.

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Then the Chancellor of the University, Professor / Abdullah Muhammad Baharoon, came forward to deliver the chancellery of the university and spoke about the university’s pleasure in the achievement that their graduates achieve every year and their role in the labor market. He praised the efforts of the faculty who, despite the difficult conditions of the university, still gave a lot to these students and urged students to benefit from the knowledge they received at the university and to take advantage of the free education opportunity that was provided to them and urged them to give and participate in charitable work so that they would be a useful fruit for their community, as the university aims to graduate a useful student To his family, his community and his religion.

Then he talked about the trespass that the university is being exposed to on its lands, even though its lands are documented and proven by the competent authorities, and that these lands belong to future generations.

Finally, the chancellor of the university concluded his speech by offering thanks and gratitude for those who passed away, including employees, teachers, and everyone who contributed to the service of this university and who, although they did not share this joy, are in their hearts, and Al-Fatiha was recited in their souls.

Then a moment of silence was held for the souls of those who participated in this university and were not among us at this event. The lights were turned off and everyone stood for a minute in respect of their memory.

Then a singing operetta about the university was performed, presented by the two students, Asaad Khaled Bajubeir, and Mazen Salah Banbua.

البرفيسور الحبيب عبدالله محمد باهارون (1)

The university chancellery was honored by the ceremony committee, as well as the deans of the faculties, the sponsors, and the ceremony committee. Then a special honor was held by the Girls’ College for some of its employees.

The female students of batch 20 of the Girls’ College specializing in Islamic Studies were honored and gathered to take a memorial photo amid feelings of joy for this historical moment in their scientific life.

Then the graduates of the Faculty of Business and Economics, specializing in accounting, batch 22, graduates of the business administration, batch 13, and the graduates of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences, specializing in information system, batch 8, were honored, in the presence of families and friends and their joy of the fruit of their efforts for four years.

The graduates prepared to take a memorial photo with the university chancellery.

The ceremony was concluded with songs and rhymes, with joy at the graduation of this batch, which will have a bright future Insha Allah.

The ceremony was attended by the Chancellor of the University Professor / Abdullah Muhammad Baharoun, Vice Chancellor of the University Dr. Sadiq Omar Maknoun, the Secretary General of the University, Engineer / Faiz Ahmed bin Shamla, a member of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Anwar Abdul Karim Al-Kasadi, the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics, Dr. / Ahmed Saleh Khard, and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences, Dr. / Hassan Abdulmutallab Mogibel, Dean of the College for Girls, Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Al-Batati, deans of faculties, heads of departments, faculty members and employees.

احقافي وأفتخر حفل تخرج دفعة 2020

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