Honoring Al-Ahgaff University as a Distinct Scientific Edifice

University media / follow-ups

 Thursday 7/1/2021


In a joyful ceremony under the patronage of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and in the presence and supervision of the Governor of Hadramout Governorate, Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsani. Dr. Sadiq Omar Maknoun, Vice Chancellor of the University of Al-Ahgaff, received the Honorary Shield for Al-Ahgaff University in the first honorary ceremony held by the local authority in Hadramout governorate, for the distinguished entities in the administrative units of the public and private sectors and the creative personlaities in the literary and artistic fields and the youth and women sectors.


This honor comes as a culmination of the efforts of the university and those in charge of it and their pioneering role in the educational process and the graduation of distinguished knowledgeable students who have filled the labor market inside and outside the country and have proven their presence and high quality in various fields.