On the occasion of the International Day of Education, January 24th, the Masarat Developmental Club honors Al-Ahgaff University

Mukalla / January 25, 2021 / University Media


The Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Dr. Ahmed Saleh Khard, received a delegation from the Masarat Development Club on its visit to Al-Ahgaff University on Monday, January 25th, in the university presidency building. The meeting involved the university's introduction and its pioneering educational role and the extent of its influence among universities. The discussion touched on the university system, the uniqueness of its students in the labor market, and its interest in the practical side, in addition to the theoretical side.

In conclusion, Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Sowaban, President of the Club, honored the university with a certificate of appreciation for its distinguished efforts in serving students on the occasion of the International Education Day, January 24th. The meeting was attended by Masarat Club members, Mr. Ahmed Obeid Bahanan, Director of Legal Affairs of the Club, and Mr. Omar Ahmed Bahurish, Club Secretary. From university side, Mr. Zain Salem bin Aqeel, Director of Expatriate Affairs at the University, and Mr. Muhammad Saleh bin Talib, the University’s Legal Adviser, attended.

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