The Chancellor of Al-Ahgaff University receives the Indonesian Ambassador to Yemen and the Sultanate of Oman

Professor / Abdullah Muhammad Baharoun, Chancellor of Al-Ahgaff University, received at his home the Indonesian Ambassador to Yemen and the Sultanate of Oman Muhammad Erzan Johan, accompanied by Assistant Ambassador Harry Yulanta, as part of a delegation that included a number of embassy officials, where lunch was offered in honor of the guests.


The visit came within the framework of the inspection of Indonesian students studying at the university, who represent the largest segment of Al Ahgaff University students.


The university chancellor welcomed the guests and thanked them for taking the trouble to travel from Tarim to Mukalla to honor them with the visit.


The meeting discussed aspects of cooperation between the university and the Indonesian embassy, ​​and the close relationship between Indonesia and Hadramawt through students on scholarships to study at the University of Al-Ahgaff.


For his part, the Indonesian ambassador expressed his great happiness with this visit and thanked the chancellor of the university for the warm reception and hospitality, and appreciated the great efforts made by the university in overcoming the difficulties of the educational process of Indonesian students.


The meeting was attended by Mr. Hassan Al-Jilani, Deputy Governor and Director of Prisoners Affairs Department, Brigadier General Jaghman Al-Junaidi, Director of Military Intelligence, Ambassador Salem Balfakih, Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in the governorate, and Mr. Aqil Al-Attas.


Professor Al-Gilani emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation between the Republic of Yemen and the State of Indonesia, appreciating this visit, which comes from the interest of the State of Indonesia in the bilateral relations between the two countries, and for inspecting the conditions of Indonesian students and citizens in Yemen.


At the end of the meeting, the two sides exchanged handing over shields and souvenirs


The meeting was attended by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Sadiq Omar Maknoun, the Secretary-General of the University, Engineer / Faiz Ahmed bin Shamla, the Director of Expatriate Affairs, Mr. Zain Salem bin Aqeel, and a number of university teachers.