Faculty of Arts & Humanities

English Department

Faculty of Arts & Humanities:

English Department:

This department was opened in 2006-2007 in Fowah- Mukalla.


The duration of the academic education in the faculty is four years divided into eight semesters. Bachelor certificate is awarded.

Faculty of Arts & Humanities has two centers:

English Language Center.

Arabic Language Center for Non-Native Speakers.

Dean Statement

Dean Statement

The Faculty of Arts & Humanities is to include the following departments:

- Islamic Studies Department.

- Arabic Language and Literature departments.

- Foreign Languages Department.

- Media and Journalism Department.

Currently, the faculty contains only one department, that is, English language department. This department is part of the foreign languages department. The university paid much attention to it because it aimed to produce distinguishably proficient graduates who can combine theoretical knowledge with the practical one. Also, it will not be a replica of other institutions and faculties.

In order to accomplish this, the university made sure to recruit elite qualified foreign teachers for teaching in this faculty. Furthermore, it qualified a number of the department teachers by granting them scholarships for capacity building.

The faculty has also helped to establish a readable, audible and visual library to meet the informational development that the world witnesses today. Furthermore, the faculty works to create a department just for female students thus adapting gender segregation in faculty of girls that agrees with the society’s culture. This is to emphasize women’s role in serving and developing the society.

This faculty has two training centers. One is for teaching Arabic for non-native speakers. The other is for teaching English language. These centers give specialized courses as well as high and intermediate diplomas in teaching English as a second language for academic, commercial and tourism purposes.


Admission conditions:

  • Acquire high school certificate or any other equivalent.
  • Attend interview and entrance exam.
  • Applicants study should be regular.
  • Applicant percentage should agree with the required percentage.
  • Students must pay the required fees.
  • Fulfill the requirements of each faculty.
  • Submit application form during dates of admissions.


Registration Documents:

  • Two certified true copies of high school certificate.
  • Filling the application form.
  • Copy of ID card or Family card (Yemeni), or Passport copy or residence permit card (non-Yemeni)
  • Eight recent photos size (6x4).
  • The original documents of the certified true copies.


Admission requirements for higher education in the university’s faculties:

  1. Master degree

Bachelor certificate with good standard grade minimum from a recognized university.

  1. Doctorate degree

A master certificate from a recognized university.

For more information, contact admission and registration office.


Aims of the Faculty

Aims of the Faculty:

1-      Qualify students in theory and practice to speak and use English fluently and efficiently.

2-      Enable students to acquire language skills in English.

3-      Produce students who are able to pass difficulties in English language.

4-      Enable students to have real English communication tasks such as speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as translation and other lingual arts.

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