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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Administration & Economics was established in 1995. Its message is to train and develop cadres with excellent quality. It also directs the available resources for the society's development. To accomplish this, the faculty seeks to provide and develop the best educational programs and projects that meet the reality, aims of the society, as well as the needs of the current age. The main characteristics of the faculty's progress is evident through the continuous reviewing of the educational projects along with improving the quality of academic performance for all academic staff so that they cope with the present-day developments in computer and information technology. Furthermore, it provides the best qualified lecturers who are specialized in various fields.

The faculty of administration and economics consists of:

1. Accounting Department:

Accounting department was established with the establishment of the university. Six batches have graduated from the accounting department most of them are hired in companies, corporations, as well as careers in the government sector.

2. Management Department:

The department of management was established in 2005-2006 as a result of the growing demands for such an important specialization for the different business organizations.

Library and Computer Lab

Library and Computer Lab:


The Faculty of Administration & Economics has a big library that contains a number of excellent modern Arabic and foreign books in different areas of accounting, economics and management in addition to a good number of periodicals, specialized English and Arabic journals. Moreover, at the beginning of the current year, the library has been supplied with greater number of English and Arabic resources in accounting and management specializations. It also consists of a big number of papers saved in hard disks which are available for students’ usage. The library’s daily opening hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.



The Faculty of Administration & Economics provides students with a computer lab that consists of a number of computer devices. These devices help students in the practical part of computer courses. These courses cover a great part of the faculty curriculum. Furthermore, the lab is equipped with internet service so that students can connect and thus cope with modern informational world.

Library of Administration and Economics Department:

It is only peculiar to the department of administration and economics. It contains many books, volumes, thesauruses and periodicals that benefit the scholars and students.

The library aims to:

  1. Provide library services to the students.
  2. Develop student’s abilities through reading, research etc...
  3. Participate in awakening knowledge through providing books and references.
  4. Fulfilling the concept of enlightenment through library content.


  • Library sections:
  • 1-      Accounting
  • 2-      Administration science
  • 3-      Marketing
  • 4-      Economics

It also contains many books, journals and periodicals in various sciences.


Library Rules:

  1. Library visitors must keep quiet so as not to disturb the other readers.
  2. Library visitors must not damage any of its books in any way that would limit its value.
  3. Visitors should keep personal belongings out of the library.
  4. Using the library for other purposes is not allowed so as to ensure the safety of its belongings as well as recognizing its function in knowledge acquisition.


Aims of the Faculty

Aims of the Faculty of Administration and Economics


The faculty aims to:

- Produce considerable numbers of specialized graduates in business and economic sciences, accounting, management and marketing depending on the labor market needs and also on the economic and social developments' indicators on both local and regional scale.

- Provide consulting and training services for both business organizations and the public sectors that serve the administrative and economic development.

- Adapt a policy of developing programs and educational projects in order to cope with the needs of the educational environment that copes with the developments that the world has witnessed. Beside the effort made in promoting information resource, the faculty pays particular attention to library through equipping it with all modern resources and periodicals. It also seeks to qualify and train the faculty’s teaching staff.



The minimum required percentage for the faculty of administration and economics specialization is 75% of high school certificate. Students should pass an admission exam in mathematics and English. They should also attend an interview arranged for the purpose of selecting students with higher qualification among applicants. The duration of the academic education in the faculty is four years divided into eight semesters. A bachelor certificate is awarded at the end of the study.


Admission Conditions:

  • Acquire high school certificate or any other equivalent degree.
  • Attend interview and admission exam.
  • Applicants should be regular/full-time students.
  • Applicants percentage should meet the required percentage.
  • Students must pay the required fees.
  • Fulfill the requirements of each faculty.
  • Submit an application form during dates of admissions.


Required Documents for Registration:

  • Two certified true copies of high school certificate.
  • Filling the application form.
  • Copy of ID card or Family card (Yemeni), or Passport copy or residence permit card (non-Yemeni)
  • Eight recent photos size (6x4).
  • The original documents of the certified true copies.
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