Faculty of Graduate Studies

About Faculty

Postgraduate studies at Al-Ahgaff University started qualifying seven students for master's degree in Arabic language. They started studies on 17/10/1998.

The university has developed a unique approach that is unparalleled in all universities around the world. This approach combines originality with modernity. Its characteristics are:

  1. A curriculum that makes the student well-versed in the subject and knowledgeable and familiar with the methods of the ancients and modernists alike, thus filling the shortage suffered by the Arabic language specialists. Most of them received master's or doctorate's degree in Arabic language and its sufficient knowledge about heritage.
  2. It follows the method of nativism, as it follows the approach of our senior scientists in the study of the book, and mastering it, and getting "Ijazah" in it.

Objectives of Faculty

Objectives of Faculty:


  1. Preparing specialized scientific and professional competent cadre and highly qualifying them in various fields of knowledge.


  1. Filling the need of the University of enough faculty members and their assistants.


  1. Enabling distinguished students with university degrees to continue their higher studies locally.


  1. Developing the capabilities of graduate students in the field of scientific research and its methods in different disciplines in accordance with the quality standards and scientific honesty.


  1. Meeting the needs of the community through the provision of programs appropriate to those needs by qualifying specialists able to contribute to the development of the society.


  1. Introducing competitive educational programs at the postgraduate level in terms of focusing on the specializations and skills required for graduates and linking these programs in quantity and quality to the requirements and needs of the labor market.

Departments and Specializations


- Master's Degree:

     Arabic Language
     Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence
     Computer Science
     Accounting and Business Administration

- Ph.D. Degree

     Arabic Language
     Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence

Faculty Library

Graduate Studies Library



The University of Al-Ahgaff established the Library of Graduate Studies in 1999 and supplied it with important references from the libraries, and then by Allah's grace, some benefactors presented to the library abundant quantities of books. At the head of these donors was Dr. Muhammad Mahmood Al-Babli, who gave the library 2627 books in all specialties. Then came another gift sent by His Eminence the late Mr. Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Shateri, the former Chairman of the Board of Trustees containing 100 books, publications and magazines. The late Sheikh Mahfouz bin Mubarak bin Hadi Ba-Kalakel gave 4235 books. The Library of Graduate Studies today contains 10160 books and 14989 volumes in different Sciences.


Library Objectives:

Providing library services and information service to university graduate students in reading, research and knowledge.

Developing students' abilities for research through reading.

Contributing to the advancement of the scientific movement by providing the necessary books and references for postgraduate students.

Making use of the Library's holdings of books, magazines, dictionaries, periodicals and encyclopedias for university students and other students of other universities.


Library Sections:


    Section of interpretation (Tafsir) and Sciences of the Quran and Hadith and Hadith


    Jurisprudence section and Comparative Jurisprudence, General Jurisprudence, Principles     

     of Islamic Jurisprudence

    Section of the Biography of the Prophet and History and Biographies

    Section of Fatwas, Doctrine, Sufism and Law

    Section of Arabic Language, Dictionaries and literature and Education

    Section of Culture, Scientific Research and Medicine

    Section of Journals, Periodicals and Encyclopedias


Official time:

The library opens its doors at 8:30 am to receive its visitors and closes at 1:00 pm and reopens for the evening after Maghrib prayer until 10 pm. Another evening is opened after the Asr prayer, especially in the Faculty of Girls, and closes before Maghrib prayer.



The teacher can borrow five books for two weeks. If he needs more books, he has to renew the borrowing. Non-teaching staff of the faculty are allowed to borrow only one book for two weeks. PhD students are allowed to borrow two books for two weeks.

Students of Master's Degree are allowed to borrow two books for two weeks. While first degree students (Bachelor's degree) are not allowed to borrow. Non-university employees are not allowed to borrow. If the researcher wants to photocopy some books, he is allowed to take only two book for photocopying for only 3 hours at the same day of borrowing. The book for which there is no other copy is not allowed to be borrowed.


Library Rules:

The library's visitors should be completely calm in the library so as not to disturb other readers.

Visitors should not deal with the book in such a way that the book is badly damaged or devalued.

It is prohibited to enter any items into the library and put them in the place designated for them.

If necessary, a notebook or note may be entered for the purpose of recording the information and the note or book should be presented to the library administrator.

It is not allowed to use the library for any other purposes in order to ensure the safety of its holdings and in recognition of its importance in the field of science and knowledge.

Admission and Registeration

Admission Requirements:


Obtaining a high school certificate successfully from public secondary school or equivalent specialized secondary schools.

    Passing the admission test and interview.

    The student must be regular in his studies.

    The student's percentage of the secondary school is in line with the limit.

    Payment of tuition fees.

    Meeting the specific requirements of each faculty.

    Applying for admission within the specified dates of admission.




Documents Required for Registration:


    Two copies of secondary school certificate or its equivalent duly certified.

    Filling out the application form.

    A copy of the ID card or family card (for Yemenis only) or a copy of the passport or residence permit (for non-Yemenis).

    Eight recent personal photos size 4 * 6.

    Bringing originals of the certified copies.


Admission Rates in Faculties of the University:


  1. For Master's Degree

A university degree with at least good grade from a recognized university.

  1. For Ph.D. Degree

Master's degree from a recognized university.



For More details, contact the Admission and Registration Department at Tel. No.    05360303

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