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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Girls was established in 1997-1996 in Mukalla city. It is considered the fourth faculty since the university's establishment. It consists of four departments.

The Faculty of Girls has three educational departments:

- Islamic Studies Department

- Arabic Language Department

- English Language Department

It is located in Al-Salam district, behind M.C.H Hospital.



Aims of the Faculty:

Aims of the Faculty:

1-      Create a unique Islamic character that has a deep understanding of Islam and Sharia’saims and means.

2-      Produce qualified teachers in accordance with contemporary educational directions in order to practice their teaching profession and also to educate generations in both elementary and secondary levels.

3-      Produce selected talented students to continue their higher education in Sharia and computer sciences and others specializations. Consequently, they will enrich the scientific research. They will also solve the shortage in female teachers.

4-      Provide students with general, practical and theoretical knowledge of computer engineering.

5-      Provide students with firm basic knowledge of computer engineering that qualifies them to indulge in the modern labor market so that they can cope with the growing changes in this field.

The Faculty’s Library

The Faculty’s Library:

The library of the faculty is considered one of the most basic components of the practical education program. It is considered one of the basic facility units of the faculty. In fact, members of teaching staff, assistant cadres, students and researchers rely on it for the various resources it provides for them such as papers, periodicals, educational magazines and CDs. The number of books titles has already reached (3345) and increases on a monthly basis.

Vision of the Faculty

Vision of the Faculty

The faculty works to meet the demands of the Yemeni society and its educational needs to accomplish the following aims:

- Create unique Islamic character that has a deep understanding of Sharia and comprehends its aims.

- Produce female students who comprehend Sharia, the modern culture and its challenges.

- Produce qualified teachers in accordance with the contemporary modern trends so that they teach in intermediate and secondary schools.

- Create elite talented researchers who continue their higher studies in Sharia sciences and consequently, enrich scientific research. Furthermore, it supplies female teaching staff to fill the current shortage of such kind of staff.

The Administration Statement

The Administration Statement

You will find, dear reader, in this guide, a definition of the faculty, its aims, its various departments, teaching hours for curriculum requirements in different departments and every information that concerns students.

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