The Faculty of Computer Engineering and Science concludes the activities of the first Information Technology Week

Mukalla - January 31 - University Media


The Faculty of Computer Engineering and Science at Al-Ahgaff University concluded the activities of the “First Information Technology Week” on Monday, the twenty-ninth of January 2024. At the closing ceremony, Dr. Hamza Al-Aidaroos, Dean of the Faculty, expressed his happiness at the success of this unique event and the new initiative presented by a distinguished group of students from the Information Technology Department. Thanking all the participants in making this event a success.


Dr. Muhammad Wahdin, Head of the Information Technology Department, also gave a speech in which he invited all students to interact and participate in the upcoming events. In the context of his speech, he stressed the repetition of this event in the future because of its great importance and many benefits that contribute to developing the students’ level of knowledge and skills.

After that, the students participating in the week’s event were honored with certificates of thanks and appreciation for their participation in providing meaningful and useful lectures. The closing ceremony was attended by Mr. Bassam Al-Tamimi, Director of Admissions and Registration at the faculty.


It is noteworthy that this event lasted for a week, starting last Tuesday, during which a group of lectures were held, the last of which were two lectures presented on Sunday, 28th of January 2024. The first lecture was entitled (University Student Skills) and was carried out by the trainer, Mr. Saeed Belfakher, and targeted the students of the second, third, and fourth levels of the department of information technology. The trainer gave a comprehensive explanation of various topics related to the most important skills that a university student needs, speaking about the planning skill, its importance, and how successful planning is. He also spoke about personality types, influential personality, and positive thinking. The trainer also discussed the skill of dialogue and the art of communicating with others, urging the students to have good manners and style.


Student Hussein Belfaqih also presented another lecture entitled (Information Technology: Foundations and Skills), targeting first-level students in the Information Technology Department. The lecture focused on clarifying the basics of the field of information technology specialization and charting the scientific path for the specialization, in addition to reviewing the skills and programming languages required in the labor market. At the conclusion of the lecture, the student Belfaqih reviewed the areas of information technology graduate and presented a set of advice and recommendations to the students, stressing the importance of diligence and making use of free time for self-learning and continuous development.

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