The Faculty of Computer Engineering and Science at Al-Ahgaff University receives certificates of participation and winning medals in the international competition (ICIIC2024)

Mukalla - February 14 - University Media


The International Competition for Creative Innovation Ideas (ICIIC2024), which was hosted by the MNNF network late last month, awarded certificates of participation to the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Science at Al-Ahgaff University on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. Through the official MNNF network website, it also obtained certificates of achievement for three medals—two silver and one gold—for the involvement of three student groups from the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Sciences' Information Technology Department. The three groups entered the competition with concepts for three creative entrepreneurial projects, and on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, their winning was revealed.


Dr. Hamza Al-Aidaroos, the Dean of the Faculty, emphasized the value of innovation and quality in the fields of computer and information technology while expressing his delight with the three groups of faculty students' win and awarding them with medals and certificates. He emphasized that taking part in the worldwide competition and winning these medals fosters an environment of excellence and instills the values of devotion. Additionally, persistence among students has a major role in producing a generation of students who are able to give back and follow the road of scientific excellence in conduct and approach in all spheres of their lives, be it university studies or future practical and professional duties.


It is noteworthy that 488 project proposals from six different nations were submitted to compete in this competition.

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