The Faculty of Computer Engineering and Science at Al-Ahgaff University receives Yemen Soft Company to discuss aspects of cooperation between the two parties

Mukalla - February 21 - University Media


On Tuesday, February 20, 2024, Dr. Hamza Al-Aidaroos, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Science, and Dr. Muhammad Wahdain, Head of the Information Technology Department, received a delegation from Yemen Soft Systems and Consulting Ltd. The delegation included Eng. Abdullah Bahattab, Director of Customer Service, Engineer Hamza Al-Qadi, Director of Technical Support, and Mr. Abdullah Bazughaifan, general coordinator of the company with universities and institutes.

In addition to discussing aspects of cooperation between the two parties in their shared field, the visit's objectives included conducting a test of differentiation between the Information Technology (IT) Department's fourth-level students in order to hire four of them as engineers in the company after they graduate this year. Dr. Hamza Al-Aidaroos opened the meeting by extending his gratitude to the guests and highlighting the faculty's goal of forming strong relationships with software institutions in order to help provide practical services that will assist all faculty members both during and after their studies.

Dr. Muhammad Wahdain, for his part, emphasized the significance of connecting what students learn in the faculty with software industry practices, emphasizing that collaboration between the two parties is the only way to make this happen. Engineer Abdullah Bahattab also discussed Yemen Soft Company and the services it offers, including another suite of office programs, websites, and mobile applications, as well as software solutions for the financial and administrative domains.

The visit was successful because Yemen Soft Company offered to help faculty students improve their programming skills by offering to sign a memorandum of scientific cooperation and providing them with qualitative seminars. Additionally, it stated that the company is ready to welcome faculty students to tour the business, gain practical work experience, and learn how to operate there. The fourth-level students were then given a differential test by the company delegation in the Kuwaiti Station Laboratory, and the results were gathered. The student who are going to be hired will be revealed in the upcoming months, the company delegation stated.

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