The Faculty of Computer Engineering and Science organizes a field visit to Sonod Business Solutions and Information Technology Company

Mukalla - March 2 - University Media


Dr. Hamza Al-Aidaroos, the dean of Al-Ahgaff University's faculty of computer engineering and science, paid a visit to Sonod Business Solutions and Information Technology Company on Thursday, February 29, 2024. Accompanying him were Mr. Imad Bafadhel, an assistant teaching staff member, and third-year students in the department of information technology. Engineer Rashad Belfaqih, the general manager of the company, and many members of the work team welcomed them.


Dr. Al-Aidaroos began the meeting by expressing how much he had enjoyed visiting and getting to know the company. He thanked the management of the company for the warm welcome and for giving the faculty students the chance to tour the business, expressing his amazement for the scope of its development. Engineer Belfaqih, for his part, reaffirmed that the business is always willing to help and support students as part of its efforts to uphold its social responsibility. Additionally, the Dean of the Faculty and the General Manager of the Company talked about how the two may work together to develop some projects and provide student training, as well as the prospect of monitoring and overseeing those initiatives from two different perspectives; both academically and practically, as this would help students get into the labor market.

The students were given a thorough description of the nature of the work at the company during their visit, along with knowledge of its departments and its most well-known products and services. The administrative and programming personnel at Sonod extended their gratitude for the visit and shown their unwavering collaboration with the students by responding to their queries. Engineer Khaled Basrih, a 2021–2022 graduate of the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Science's Computer Information Systems Department, accompanied the students on their visit as he is working with Sonod Company. It is noteworthy that on Thursday, February 22, 2024, the second-level female students from the Faculty's Information Technology Department visited Sonod Company. Mr. Salem Al-Sumhi, Mrs. Suzan Ateeq, and Mrs. Abeer Bafadhel, who are assistant teaching staff members of the faculty, accompanied the students on their visit.


Dr. Hamza Al-Aidaroos, in an exclusive interview with the university website, reaffirmed that the faculty's vision and strategic plan, which seek to strengthen ties with software companies and help students become familiar with the applied work environment, align with these field visits for students. It additionally aims to close the current gap between what students learn about the theoretical side of things. He gave an explanation of what businesses actually do while expressing gratitude to the university presidency for all of its support, assistance, and interest in matters pertaining to the students' well-being.

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