Al-Ahgaff University launches semester exams for students of the Faculty of Sharia and Law

Mukalla - December 31 - University Media


Al-Ahgaff University launches the semester exams for first-level students (first group) at the Faculty of Sharia and Law.

On Sunday morning, December 31, Professor Sadiq Maknoon, Vice President of Al-Ahgaff University, toured the examination halls to inspect the environment prepared for students, out of his keenness to overcome all the difficulties facing students during the examination process. He also praised the faculty deanship for their coordination of this examination process, which evaluates the academic achievement of each student.

The Vice President was accompanied by Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Al-Hamid, Deputy Dean of the faculty of Sharia and Law, Mr. Muhammad Ali Al-Attas, Acting General Registrar at Al-Ahgaff University, and Mr. Muhammad Saleh Bawazir, Registrar of the Faculty of Sharia and Law in Mukalla.