The Faculty of Sharia and Law at Al-Ahgaff University - Mukalla holds an interactive scientific symposium on the occasion of International Arabic Language Day

Mukalla - December 21 - University Media


On the morning of Wednesday, December 20, the Al-Ahgaff University Faculty of Sharia and Law, in collaboration with the Alumni Unit and the Hadhramaut Research Center, hosted a scientific symposium in honor of International Arabic Language Day. Professor Sadiq Maknoon, vice president of Al-Ahgaff University, began by extending a warm greeting to the faculty, students, and academics taking part in the scientific symposium. In his remarks, he made it clear that Al-Ahgaff University is open to hosting a symposium on international events in order to raise awareness of their significance and the benefits they have for the university's academic environment.

Following that, Hadhramaut University lecturer Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Seiq discussed the book written by Abbas Mahmoud Al-Aqqad and touched on some of his creative qualities in Arabic. He noted that he was the author of several excellent books on Islamic history, highlighting some of the titles and subjects of his writings. He also discussed the distinctions between letters and sounds and how certain letters had different semantic contexts in Arabic than others.

Next, Dr. Muhammad Alawi bin Yahya, a lecturer at the University of Aden, discussed the International Day of the Arabic Language, the fact that Arabic is the fourth most spoken language in the world, the phenomenon of students not wanting to pay attention to Arabic grammar in particular, and the existence of rabid and Masonic Orientalist campaigns to alienate people from Arabic. Additionally, he made the argument that teaching Arabic to students through citations from the Holy Qur'an gets them closer to the language's mastery.

Subsequently, the participants were given the opportunity to ask questions, to which the lecturers responded. Professor Sadiq Maknoon, the vice president of the university, gave a heartfelt thank you to all of the attendees, including the faculty and students, as well as the professors who took part in the symposium.

The symposium was attended by Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamid, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Advisor Dr. Hashem Muqaibel, Head of the Alumni Unit, and Mr. Muhammad Al-Buri, Director of Training at the Hadhramaut Research Center.

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