The Faculty of Management and Economics at Al-Ahgaff University holds a celebration event on International Accounting Day

Mukalla - November 16 - University Media


The Faculty of Management and Economics, in coordination with the Activities Department at Al-Ahgaff University, held a celebration event for International Accounting Day in the faculty building on the morning of Wednesday, November 15. The ceremony began with a fragrant recitation of the Holy Qur’an, then a speech by the Dean, Mr. Alawi Abdul Qadir Al-Aidaroos, Dean of the Faculty of Administration and Economics, in which he welcomed the attending faculty members and employees of the Faculty of Management and Economics and students of the faculty

He stated that the event coincides with the celebration of World Accounting Day, which is celebrated by management and financial faculty all over the world, as well as fellow accountants in the profession in institutions and companies in the private and public sectors. He also urged students to be hardworking, diligent, and adapt to the changes of the times that call for the accountant to be more open to the profession’s changes, including artificial intelligence and digital analysis tools


Dr. Sadiq Omar Maknoon, Vice President of the University, delivered a speech in which he urged all students to persevere, and be hardworking and diligent to achieve the highest academic ranks and practical advancements, and that Al-Ahgaff University is considered one of the established edifices of science and its outputs serve society and humanity, and this is the thing for which it was founded. After that, Mr. Ahmed Al-Tamimi gave a speech to his students in which he talked about the most prominent challenges facing the accountant in the practical environment and how to best prepare for them.


Then the students presented several sections reflecting the extent to which they benefited from the accounting training programs during their academic studies. Student Hussein Al-Menhali presented an overview of artificial intelligence and its relationship to accounting. Another student gave a general overview of some commercial companies, and a section was presented in English about the subjects taught at the faculty.

The ceremony was presented with a report entitled The Faculty of Management and Economics: Twenty-Five Years of Excellence and Creativity, as well as a recorded participation by the graduate Nasser Abdulaziz bin Afif, a graduate of the faculty in the year 2004 and the financial director of Four Homes Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Then the ceremony concluded by honoring models of Al-Ahgaff University, who are former graduates from Al-Ahgaff University who obtained their chartered accountant license this year, and they are cadres in the practical field and well-versed in accounting sciences. The faculty members and employees of the Faculty of Management and Economics and the top and outstanding students were also honored. At the conclusion of the ceremony, a group photo was taken with the Vice President of Al-Ahgaff University, deans of faculties, department heads, and faculty members.