The Faculty of Administration and Economics at Al-Ahgaff University holds a discussion of the research plan for graduation projects for the academic year 2023-2024

Mukalla - January 24 - University Media


On Tuesday, January 23, a discussion of graduation research plans for fourth-level students in the Department of Accounting was held at the Faculty of Administration and Economics, where the students were discussed by the discussion committee, which consisted of the Dean of the Faculty, Mr. Alawi Abdul Qader Al-Aidaroos, and faculty members, Mr. Ahmed Mahmoud Bahumaid, and Mr. Ahmed Muhammad. Baaqeel.

Graduation research plans were presented via the PowerPoint program, which contained the main elements of the research plan, including the problem, objectives, importance of the research, study methodology, review of previous studies, as well as procedures for the field side related to the study. The students were directed and comments were given by the committee.

The Dean of the Faculty stated that this step comes in the process of paying attention to the type and quality of graduation research and ensuring that it touches real problems that benefit society.

It is worth noting that this batch is the twenty-sixth batch in the Accounting Department, which includes forty-six students on the cusp of graduation.

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