Al-Ahgaff University participates in the 56th session of the Conference of the Association of Arab Universities in Baghdad, and signs cooperation agreements with Iraqi universities

Mukalla - March 12 - University Media


Al-Ahgaff University participated, represented by the Vice President of the University, Prof. Dr. Sadiq Maknoon in the works of the General Conference of the Association of Arab Universities in its 56th session, which was held at the University of Baghdad in the Republic of Iraq, in the presence of the Iraqi Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Naeem Al-Aboudi.


The session discussed, in dialogue sessions, during the period from 3 to 6 March this year; the international cooperation, Bologna Process in universities, and the Arab classification project for Arab universities, these topics included extensive interventions and discussions, and the representatives of the Arab organizations spoke in the first session of the conference, starting with: Director General of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Adam Ahmed Al-Dakhiri, then the President of the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils, Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed bin Amara, then the Director-General of the UNESCO Regional Center for Quality and Excellence in Education, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Ibrahim Al-Mudayris, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of  “Yousef bin Saeed Lootah Investment Group – Dubai”, Mr. Yousef bin Saeed Lootah, and the Secretary-General of the International Council for the Arabic Language, Prof. Dr. Ali Abdullah Musa.


The Secretary-General of the Association of Arab Universities, Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, said during the opening of the conference, which was attended by the Assistant Secretary-General of the Union, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hunaiti, that the Union seeks to provide innovative solutions to the Arab region, as it includes in its membership a group of prestigious and distinguished Arab universities, and works to enhance cooperation and scientific exchange among them. Salama added that the Arab universities affiliated with the Association of Arab Universities is preparing research and studies that aim to analyze the challenges facing the Arab region and provide creative solutions to them. These solutions cover a wide range of fields, including education, health, economics, technology, energy, water, and others. He continued that the Association of Arab Universities works to enhance cooperation between researchers and academics in the Arab world through exchanging experiences and knowledge, and organizing scientific seminars and conferences that contribute to achieving sustainable development in the region.


In the course of his involvement in the conference, Prof. Dr. Sadiq Maknoon signed agreements for scientific cooperation with several Iraqi universities and presented the Al-Ahgaff University shield to Prof. Dr. Bahaa Ibrahim Insaf, President of the University of Baghdad.


On the fringes of the conference, the membership committees, centers and institutions, and finance committees held meetings to discuss the joining of a number of universities, the conditions of the academic institutions affiliated with the union, and the approval of the general budget.

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